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Dear lovely people out there!

We are going to try and make a short film about what is happening in Sweden, the world and all of our lives.

We wish to express and reflect on the current situation with the corona virus (COVID-19) through art, as art does.

We want to give the film to all of us who are affected about what is happening and has transpired.


We ask for YOUR participation through YOUR unique experience and mobile camera.

The culture organization OffStockholm/BioKaskad, together with director/screenwriter Anne-Li Ramirez van de Graaf and cinematographer Ted Karlberg, will collect the material from all of you that contribute. We will then make a free selection on which we will build "REFLECTION". Then we will add additional film material, cut/edit, make music, audio edit and finalize the material into a short film.


Our goal is for the film to be shown in cinemas.


We ask for your participation through your experience and mobile camera.

Shoot all the big and small events that are happening to you right now and what's happening around you.

It is very important that you turn your cellphone and film in portrait mode!

Try to shoot for longer if possible, so we also get extra material for the editing of your film.

Short movie clips are obviously valuable too, so do not hesitate to send them in.

If you have not filmed with the phone in horizontal mode, do not hesitate to submit it as well.

Try to hold the camera steady but do not hesitate to send us clips even if it is shaky.


Examples of movie clips:

  • Environments - the subway, bus, streets, squares, shops, pharmacies, nature, etc.
  • In your home environment, alone or with loved ones.
  • New routines that have been added, washing and disinfecting.
  • Sound recording - telephone calls, in the store, with a friend, the pharmacist, the hospital, etc.
  • Someone watching the news.
  • Someone who says something about the situation.
  • Someone who sleeps or doesn't sleep.
  • A situation that you just don't like, don't understand, scares you or touches you.



  • Every movie clip that you submit to us and that you just filmed needs your approval to be used.
  • Write the following with each movie clip you want to contribute - I give the project "Reflection" the rights to freely use the attached film material from me, without requiring any financial compensation.


For any questions, send them to:


If you want to contribute, send your films via to:



Mikaela Ribbheden, (072)300 48 22,


Maciek van de Graaf, (073)982 66 79,


Blackebergsplan 3, 168 48 Bromma

T-bana: Blackeberg